Why measure the bulk density of superabrasives?

2019-04-17 16:32

Answer: The bulk specific gravity of superabrasives is one of its important physical properties. It is a comprehensive reflection of the physical properties of superabrasives such as specific gravity, particle shape and particle size composition, and is an international general method for testing the physical properties of products. It is important to control the quality of superabrasive products, divide their varieties, brands and manufacture of abrasives. Therefore, the determination of the bulk density of superabrasives has gradually attracted people's attention in China. According to the new international regulations, the bulk density shall be tested in accordance with the provisions of JB3584-84 "Determination of Superhard Abrasive Bulk Density".

The bulk density of the title of each variety shall meet the following requirements:

RVD: 1.35~1.70g/cm³

MBD not less than: 1.85g/cm³

SMD not less than: 1.9570g/cm³

DMD not less than: 2.1070g/cm³

When the crystal is the most irregular shape, the bulk specific gravity is the smallest. The closer the shape is to a spherical shape, the larger the bulk specific gravity. In the particle group, the wider the particle size range, the larger the bulk specific gravity.

For example, the larger the bulk specific gravity of a certain diamond particle group, the more regular the diamond shape, the higher the equal area ratio, the higher the strength. On the contrary, if the bulk specific gravity is low and unstable, it also shows that the diamond performance is worse.

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