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HM2860S Horizontal CNC Honing Machine

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The machine features:

1. Large processing range(Φ5-Φ60mm)

2. Sweden SKF main bearing, so that the roundness of the workpiece can be up to 1um, straightness can be less than 2um

3. Taiwan sanch double inverter, speed control, brake easy to match adjustment honing mesh

4. Korean linear rolling bearings ensure high reliability and stability

5. France Schneider Electric, with "manual", "automatic" "time" and other size control functions

6. The machine adopts servo motor to control the feed amount, and the size control can be set and adjusted through the touch screen. the price of domestic machine, the performance of imported machine, the most cost-effective horizontal honing machine

The main technical parameters:

Processing aperture range: Φ5-Φ60mm

Maximum hole length: 100mm

Spindle speed: 250-3000 rev / min Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

Main motor: 1.5KW(5-100Hz frequency conversion speed regulation)

Feed Servo Motor:0.75KW

Feed accuracy:0.001mm(Minimum feed, adjustable)

Stroke length: 0-160mm

Stroke speed: 80-400 times / min Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

Stroke motor: 0.75KW

Shutdown brake for spindle and stroke: electronic brake of the inverter

Oil pump motor: 0.12KW

Fuel tank capacity: 75 liters

Machine weight: 620KG

Dimensions: 1100*1390*1400 (length * width * height)

Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three phase