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2M2208 Vertical Honing Machine

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The machine features:

1. Large processing range (Φ16-Φ100mm)
2. the roundness of the workpiece can be up to 2-3um, straightness can be less than 3um,smoothness Ra0.1-0.2um.
3. speed control, brake easy to match adjustment honing mesh

4. France Schneider Electric, with "manual", "automatic" "time" and other size control functions
5. the price of domestic machine, the performance of imported machine, the most cost-effective Vertical Inner Hole Honing Machine

The main technical parameters:
Processing aperture rangeΦ16-Φ100mm

Maximum hole length300mm
Spindle speed: 100-1200 rev / min Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

Main motor3.0KW

Stroke Movement: Hydraulic Cylinder Control
Stroke length0-300mm
Stroke speed: 10-120 times / min

Shutdown brake for spindle and stroke: electronic brake of the inverter
Oil pump motor: 0.125KW
Fuel tank capacity: 150 liters

Machine weight: 1820KG
Dimensions: 1500*1300*2100 (length * width * height)

Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 4 line

This machine tool is specially designed by our factory for finishing inner holes. It will automatically stop after grinding to the set size. It only takes 2-3 minutes (0.08-0.15mm allowance) for each working cycle, which is very suitable for finishing small and medium holes.

Our equipment is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life. Free on-site installation, commissioning, training, until it can be operated independently.