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2MZ4190 cylinder liner outer polishing machine

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The machine features:

Polishing is a major process for finishing. By making the polishing wheel and the surface of the workpiece rub tightly (plus polishing agent), it can obtain higher surface finish and surface texture than other processing. This machine is mainly used for the outer surface. Polished, six stations automatically run.

The main technical parameters:

Processing aperture: Φ80~Φ200

Fixture speed: 0~15 rev / min (infinitely adjustable)

Processing length: 150 ~ 250mmChip removal motor: 3kw
Turntable beat: 2.2kw servo motor

Dimensions: (width * length * height): 2800 * 1370 * 1810

Working beat: 15~20 seconds/piece AdjustableMachine tool net weight: 4250kg
Polishing wheel motor: 2*4kw

Power: 380v 50hz three-phase four-wire

Fixture motor: 2*1.1kw (inverter motor, stepless adjustable)

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